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Grooming Report - 3-10-2023

The 5km loop was rolled and smoothed this morning.  Currently the trails are in excellent shape, so we hope you can get out and enjoy them this weekend.

Groomed ski trail in Cole's Woods

Trail Grooming Report

Cole’s Woods Trail Rules, Tips and Etiquette

The Cole's Woods Trails are owned by the City of Glens Falls. Dogs are allowed in the trails all year round with the exception of December 1 through April 1. They must be leashed at all times and owners are asked to pick up after them. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the trails with the exception of those owned by the City of Glens Falls and vehicles owned by the Friends of Cole’s Woods.


Nordic Skiing is a great sport. In order to keep these trails safe for all users and to make your skiing experience as enjoyable as possible, the Friends of Cole’s Woods  ask that you follow these tips.


  • Preserve our groomed trails. If you need to walk on the trails, please walk on the outer edges.

  • Allow room for skiers to pass and don’t stop on bridges or on hills. If you need to stop to rest or talk with others in your group, please do so as far off of the trails as possible.

  • For safety reasons, skiers coming down a hill have right of way over skiers going up a hill.

  • Be nice to the tracks: do not step on them or crush their walls.

  • Slower skiers should yield the tracks to faster skiers. Move over to the center of the trails to allow a faster skier in the tracks to pass and then quickly return to the tracks.

  • Always pass on the left and say “On your left!” loud enough for the skier you're passing to hear you.

  • Look for arrows indicating trail direction restrictions. There are three trails in Cole’s Woods with one-way arrows.

  • Cole’s Woods trails are groomed for classic in-track skiing and for skating in the center of the trails.

  • Snowshoers—please use the trails marked for snowshoeing or the very outer edge of the ski trails opposite from the tracks.


These trails are maintained all year round and expertly groomed in winter months by The Friends Of Cole’s Woods who volunteer their time. None are paid for their time and effort, so please respect the work they do.  If you see them in the trails, don’t hesitate to thank them. If you are interested in helping out, consider joining the Friends of Cole's Woods or supporting them with a donation.

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